Smart Hints for the Best Web Management

Good readability of text improves reading comprehension and speed, as well as increasing the likelihood that the user will continue to read rather than leave the page. There are many factors that affect ease of reading, including font selection, font size, line height, text contrast, and spaces. For the 먹튀정보 it is important.

The Right Study

The study of the ease of reading, which was carried out on 20 participants, consisted in presenting the subject with the same text with different settings for the indentation of the surrounding text and the height of the line (the distance between the lines). The results showed that text without indentation is read faster, but its perception is deteriorating. A higher reading speed in the absence of margins is due to the fact that the text and paragraphs are more densely located, and as a result, less time is required to move the view from one line to another.

Small details make big changes

Very often, we look at the big picture of web design and ignore the small details, especially in the face of a lack of time. So many other important points need to be thought out that it is very easy to let the small parts of the design go by itself.

  • But sometimes something small, such as a form button, can have a significant impact on the success of a site. Interface design expert Jared Spool wrote an article stating that removing a button and replacing it with a simple error message allowed users to avoid the error while working, which ultimately led to an increase in profit of $ 300 million per year.
  • The Flow design company also noted the importance of attention to detail. They found that revising the error information page so that it included useful text with a hint increased financial return by 0.5% per month, which ultimately led to an additional quarter of a million pounds per year from the site.
  • What kind of message did they use? A polite appeal to the user of two sentences instead of the mysterious error 404: “Sorry, we cannot process your order. Your card has not yet been accepted for payment. Please try again.”

Pay attention to detail. Use analytical tools to test your hypotheses to find the most effective design solutions that will help you get the best result.

No need to rely on search as support for poor navigation

Users suggest that site navigation will be simple and well organized. Even with an excellent search engine for the site, visitors prefer to use navigation first. According to a study by Gerry McGovern, more than 70% of the participants completed the task on the site using the links on the page and did not use the search function.

Similar results were obtained at UIE (User Interface Engineering) in a study in which 30 users participated in tracking e-commerce tasks. An analysis of the results showed that “users often tend to use the search engine in cases where the links on the pages do not suit them for any reason.” Thus, the search is often used only if the user cannot find what he needs on the current page.

From this fact, one can draw a simple conclusion: one does not have to rely on site search as a means of poor organization of content and information architecture. When the user cannot move where he needs to, attention should be directed to the template, navigation and improving the organization of content, and improving the search engine has a lower priority.