Two basic strategies recommended by high stakes poker players   

A lot of poker players make a very common mistake of playing poker all the time but not actually working on the strategies on their game play. This might help you in being a pro but there would come a time when you will be losing your bets sitting against a player who would have polished themselves with smart and practiced strategies. Just like any other, one has to improvise themselves with time and if you are looking for the best platform to practice where there is a lesser risk of losing your money then you can register on a foreign online casino. These online casinos offer free registration with no nemID as well as you get huge welcome bonus. Click here to know more about such platforms.

You can start practicing by these two highly recommended strategies:

When the board textures are favorable, use river over-bets

It could be complex situation to over-bet on a river but if you do it strategically then you can surely lay your hands on maximum value while you would be generating higher fold equity with your bluffs. It is recommended by pro-players that whenever you have a favorable board texture, it is the best time to use your over-bets. To know more about such strategies, you can visit

One common example of such situation is when in-position player is barreling while out-position player can’t have their river complete with straight draws.  To be clearer, let’s take a look at an example. Suppose, you are open raising from the bottom with 9 of clubs and Ace of diamonds and is being defended by big blinds. The actions comes check, check with a flop of J of spades, Queen of hearts and 6 of hearts. This makes turn of 10 of spades and bets of big blind. You would call your open-ender and eventually you will get a river of 5diamonds with another big blind bet.

Every flush draw should be played in a different way

Flush draws of every poker game are simple but according to pro players they are very important. To be on safe side, you should not be playing every flush in the same way. If you cannot think about much variations, you can use nut flush draw, plus a pair flush draw, six high and on a monotone board, you can use one card flush draw.

Although they all have different degrees of strength but while you are on the table, they may seem like more alike to each other. Therefore, you will need to practice it more with different variations. Let’s take a look at example, suppose you have hearts of six and five. Since, you know that six has no high value then you can use it as semi-bluff. Because you have enough equity in comparison to the range of your opponent as well as you combo draw would allows continuing bluffing, only if not all cards are turned. By this bluffing strategy with weaker flush while calling in the stronger one, you would be pushing fold equity that would eventually benefit you for a win.

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